AISO has expelled a student activist for taking daily baths

AISO has expelled a student activist for taking daily baths

Progressive student organisation AISO has expelled a student activist for bathing daily. Srikant Misra, a student activist with the All India Student Organisation was expelled yesterday and asked to surrender his membership card. Srikant Misra, who hails from Darbhanga in Bihar studies in the History department of JNU.

AISO expels student activist
Representative image of a protest at JNU.

During one of the online review meetings of the organisation over zoom, the youth was seen clean shaved and appeared to have shampooed hair. The General Secretary of the organisation, Jayanti Chatterjee, immediately noticed this breach of party discipline and demanded explanation. When the youth apologetically explained parental pressure, he was declared ‘bourgeois’ and ‘not revolutionary enough’.

We reached out to Ms. Chatterjee. She said that “Unless one lives like common people, how can one expect to understand the problems of common people and fight for the same? Misra had started reverting back to elitist Brahminical patriarchy and such weeding out of counter-revolutionary elements strengthens the party.” The Original Hindu reporter reminded her that in India common people did take daily baths and perhaps she was confusing India with medieval Europe. The reporter was termed “fascist-communal pig who hates Christians” and shooed out.

We tried to talk to Mr. Misra about the whole episode. He said that it was important to abide by party code in JNU as this was his only chance to get laid in there, even if with a “second or third hand pussy”. However, when he returned home, his mother “gave chappal treatment” for continuing habits of JNU. He looked quite disappointed with the turn of events, but was hopeful of getting admitted in other progressive associations on the campus.

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