NGT to book Arnab Goswami for noise pollution, ban him from TV till Diwali

NGT to book Arnab Goswami for noise pollution, ban him from TV till Diwali

Arnab Goswami seems to be in a lot of soup these days. First Mumbai Police booked him for a closed 2018 case of abetment of suicide, and then he was also slapped with another FIR for harassing a women police officer. Unreliable sources inform that now even the NGT has come openly against Arnab Goswami and has decided to ban him until Diwali.

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The National Green Tribunal or NGT has been quite active before the polluting Hindu festival of Diwali. Keeping with the spirit of Great Secular Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb Alamgir, who had banned firecrackers and diyas by Hindus on Diwali, the NGT is also apparently thinking about a similar order to reduce air pollution. However, it is also concerned with noise pollution and sources say that decision regarding Arnab might have something to do with it.

A friend of the chaiwala of the barber of Justice Adarsh Goel, the NGT chief, told our sources that Justice Goel is quite concerned about increasing noise pollution, specially during Diwali. Apparently, the honourable Justice is concerned that after his firecrackers ban, public might use innovative methods to celebrate Diwali. One possibility is that they may turn on their TVs at full volumes while Arnab is doing his prime time.

To reduce the possibility of making a bigger problem, NGT has reportedly booked Arnab suo moto, and is going to ban him from appearing on TV till Diwali. The order is likely just a precaution as Arnab has already been remanded in custody until 18th of November. It is unreliably learnt that the body is also deliberating on banning Republic TV altogether for two days during Diwali and also directing YouTube etc. to take down its videos.

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