Arnab supporters demand Ashok Chakra for his fight against Thackerays

Arnab supporters demand Ashok Chakra for his fight against Thackerays

Journalist, media baron and fondly dubbed by his fans as “Human Loudspeaker”, Arnab Goswami walked free from Taloja Jail yesterday. He was arrested in a case of abetment of suicide of a family friend of Padm Vibhushan Sharad Panwar by Mumbai Police.

Goswami used the best lawyers in the country to come out on bail and put up a spirited fight in sessions court, high court and finally supreme court, which granted him bail.

Arnab Goswami in his victory march

Goswami was met on the gate of the jail by ecstatic supporters, many of whom were wearing T Shirts supporting Arnab. On asking, it was found that they were not the same people who were allegedly paid by Republic for TRP, but some other people.

One of the supporters claimed on TV that Arnab was the greatest person since Bhagat singh and Gandhi to approving shouts of others. However, The Original Hindu has unreliably learnt of a core group of Arnab supporters who have decided to make a new demand.

The group, which calls itself Supporters United To Idolize Arnab or SUTIA has allegedly demanded that Arnab Goswami should be awarded with Ashok Chakra, the highest peacetime gallantry award of India. They have said that the reception of Arnab outside jail shows that he is as much a hero to Indian people as Wing Commander Abhinandan Vathaman, who was awarded Vir Chakra. As other people present there said that Arnab could be awarded Padm Shri, the SUTIA said that “even Sharad Panwar has Padm Vibhushan”.

The decoration Ashok Chakra is awarded to both civilians and armed forces personnel of India. It is unclear if the SUTIA have made their representation to the Government.

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