Govt strategists hopeful after Barkha Dutt’s interview with Tikait

Govt strategists hopeful after Barkha Dutt’s interview with Tikait

Barkha Dutt is a veteran of Indian journalism. No one can forget her services to the nation in Kargil war and 26/11. However, she is also a great conflict manager and in the past has managed many situations for the government.

Her interviews have been credited with ending the Shaheen Bagh movement, failure of Hilaary Clinton’s Presidency bid, removal of Art 370, decimation of Congress party and many more world saving feats. This time too, Barkha has come as a life saver for the govt.

According to our disreputed sources, during the recent farmer protests, the government was in a quandary even after the events of 26 January. No on knew how to peacefully deal with the situation. A brilliant trainee IAS officer in the information and broadcasting ministry then suggested name of Barkha for conflict resolution. She had taken interview of Farukh Abdullah to defuse the Kashmir situation.

Accordingly, she was requested by govt to take interview of Rakesh Tikait. It has been unreliably learnt that after the interview, govt is hopeful of a quick resolution of the whole issue in its favor.

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