Study reveals that cats are more obedient when fed dog food!

Study reveals that cats are more obedient when fed dog food!

New cat-owners are always distressed by the seeming lack of affection amongst cats for their human master/slaves. Although with time they learn to accept that cats just don’t give two hoots about humans, there is always a hope that someday the furry felines will show some concern or affection towards their humans and a day will come when cats are more obedient.

Cats are more obedient if fed dog food.
Cats are more obedient if fed dog food. Pic credit : takashikiji

A study by University of Dehradun has found that the answer may be in the food we give to cats. During the study one group of cats was given only dog food for months and another group fed the usual cat food. The study found marked differences in the behaviour of cats in both groups.

The group fed cat food behaved exactly like before but the group fed only dog food reported increased meowing, running around feet of researchers and even answering to their given names! Cats in this group also lost significant weight so this may also be a diet plan for the obese cats!

Dr. Hajela, who led the study commented “It is well known that different types of food affects human mood differently. When we eat oily foods, we feel bloated and irritated. Fruit based diet keeps us chirpy. Similarly with cats, it was all a matter of diet! This might bring a revolution in terms of how we think about our pets. “

The Original Hindu team tried to contact the offices of major cat and dog food producers, but there was no reply forthcoming on the recent developments.

Warning:- This news does not constitute a medical advice and The Original Hindu will not be liable for any damage if cat owners follow this advice. Please consult your doctor before you start the new diet. Preferably, send this article on whatsapp to your cat doctor and ask her to verify the story.

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