China trying to find big Indian apps, so that it can ban them in retaliation

China trying to find big Indian apps, so that it can ban them in retaliation

The app war between India and China has reached a new level. As India banned 118 widely used Chinese apps recently, China is looking to payback in kind. The Original Hindu has reliably learnt that Chinese Ministry of Information and Technology has already put a small team of experts to look into the matter.

The tension between both the countries is running high since the mid June Galwan valley clash. The recent clashes in August have only worsened the situation. In the first instance, India banned more than 60 Chinese apps including TikTok and Camscanner. In the latest purge, even wildly popular game PUBG was banned.

As China has suffered a loss of huge market for its apps, it is also looking to do the same to India. The mandate of the team is to find large Indian apps that are in the Chinese market and block them.

The Original Hindu team has come to know that the experts are finding this considerably difficult. Reportedly, there are no large Indian apps in circulation in China. It is also learnt that China may want to save face by banning Arogya Setu, NaMo app and JioMeet app from China.

China is trying to ban these apps.
Indian apps that China is trying to ban.

We talked to the sources in the Indian ministry of Information and Technology about the same. A joint secretary rank officer told us, while preferring to remain anonymous, “We would like to see China trying to find Indian apps. It is a testimony to foresight of Indian govt that we did not support development of any big apps. Not only will this check Chinese aggression, but it also promoted smaller apps so that our app ecosystem remained vibrant and diverse.”

The officer also drew a parallel to 1962 war. “In 1962, Chinese found great difficulty in crossing Arunachal as there were no roads there. This defended India’s interests. Infact, we did not make any roads or bridges in North East to protect against China for next 50 years after 1962. We are going to do the same in app space for next 50 years. This will teach them a good lesson!” he ended with a steely glint of patriotism in his eyes.

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