Govt to launch CHUP scheme for students on Gandhi Jayanthi, rejects CHUT scheme

Govt to launch CHUP scheme for students on Gandhi Jayanthi, rejects CHUT scheme

To promote vocational education among school students and make them highly skilled members of the society who can contribute economically after graduating from school, govt has conceptualised the “Chatron Hetu Ucch Prashikshan” or CHUP scheme.

CHUP scheme and CHUT scheme
Skill training is important.

The scheme is also in line with the recently released New Education Policy 2020, which focusses on skill development among school children. The date of 2nd October has also been chosen because Gandhiji also believed in providing vocational education to all school children.

Our sources in the Lutyans Zone apprised us of the events surrounding the scheme. These sources, who are tea vendors to highest echelons of govt., hear much of the grapevine about the important decisions of the nation while roaming the corridors of power with a kettle in hand.

The naming of the scheme has an interesting story. Initially, it was suggested by creative officers in the govt that the scheme be named Chatron Hetu Ucch Training” or CHUT scheme. However, ultimately higher authorities declined to give a green signal to the same for its indecent connotations.

It was argued that students may be misinformed about the scheme and expect the govt to actually provide something other than training. A PRO also raised the issue that Twitter hashtags like #Chatron_ko_CHUT_do #CHUT_ka_vada_pura_karo etc. which might be embarrassing for the government.

Ultimately, good sense prevailed and the name CHUP was passed. It also has the connotation of remaining silent and working patiently. Seeing the recent twitter storms by students against the govt, this name also seemed to send a subtle message to them.

CHUP scheme will collaborate with experts working in the industry and teach the atmanirbhar skills to the school students.

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