Corona survivors form CHUTAD union , demand SC reservation from the government

Corona survivors form CHUTAD union , demand SC reservation from the government

The government has a new headache to deal with in the times of falling GDP, increasing Corona cases and student protests. This time the people who survived Coronavirus have formed a union and demanded Scheduled Caste or SC reservations from the government.

CHUTAD union
The people in picture may or may not be part of CHUTAD Union, but they all are Corona survivors.

The survivors have come together in an organisation named Corona Heroes United To Articulate Demands or CHUTAD Union for their common struggle against the injustice faced by them during the time they were infected. They have laid claim to the SC caste reservation as in their opinion they lived in untouchable condition for 2-3 weeks. SC reservation provides priority in jobs and education on a hereditary basis.

The body will soon write letters to various political parties, President and Chief Justice of India to articulate their demands. It is expected that possible strength of Corona survivors may be in crores in India, so the political parties may seriously consider their proposal. The constitution of India provides for affirmative action for backward sections and also provides for prohibition of untouchability.

We talked to the convener of the CHUTAD union Mr. Pavitra Prabhakar Bhide of Mumbai on phone. Mr. Bhide claimed that as SC reservation was provided to the communities based on untouchabiity, “corona heroes” should also be considered for the same as they went through the humiliating experience for 2-3 weeks. “We will fight for our constitutional rights.” It is also learnt that the body is planning to approach the Bacchan family to spearhead its Public Relations.

We pointed out to Mr. Bhide that many Corona survivors were actually quite affluent. However, Mr. Bhide said that in case of SC, the concept of economic status does not matter. “It is for the same reason there is no creamy layer in Scheduled Caste reservation, as their backwardness has nothing to do with economic status. Even an SC billionaire’s son is as socially backward as the son of a landless villager SC. Is it so difficult to understand?”, he asked in an irritated tone.

It is learnt that while Bahujan Samaj Party is opposing the inclusion of these people into SC category, Aam Aadmi Party was seriously considering to lend the movement its political heft. The organisation is in initial stage of expansion and is likely to include more than 1 crore members in coming days.

Post Corona world could see a changed economic, social and political paradigm for India. It would be interesting to see how these developments impact the future of our country.

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