Deepika Padukone is a Shiv Bhakt and took “babaji ki booti” as “prasad”!

Deepika Padukone is a Shiv Bhakt and took “babaji ki booti” as “prasad”!

We are going to make a startling revelation about Deepika Padukone today. This is after there were claims on a TV Channel that she was the elusive “D” referred to in a whatsapp chat. The “D” was asking for “maal” from a certain “K”. Deepika shall release a statement today seperately, but The Original Hindu has learnt the real reason Deepika needed the “maal”.

deepika padukone
Deepika is a Shiv Bhakt

Our source, who is the drinking buddy of Deepika’s cook, has told us that Deepika is a Shiv Bhakt. The “maal” she is talking about is also known as “Babaji ki booti” and commonly taken as “prasad” by Shiv Bhakts all over the country.

Honoring the tradition, Deepika Padukone does partake in the “prasad” once in a while, and specially on Mahashivratri. In fact, when she was seen in JNU last year, it was because the major supplier of a special quality of “maal”, called “malana cream” in street parlance, lives close by and is much sought after in JNU. In this respect please do remember the recent visit of Sara Ali Khan to Varanasi and Kashi Vishvanath! She is also known to be a devout Shiv Bhakt.

It must be remembered that it was Rajiv Gandhi’s congress that banned the “maal” in India in 1980s under US pressure. Although, US has legalised it now, it remains banned in India in contravention of our long standing traditions.

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