Pakistan promises to stop training terrorists if India bans Dhinchak Pooja

Pakistan promises to stop training terrorists if India bans Dhinchak Pooja

A new song released by pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja has unexpectedly brought a potent tool in the hands of Indian diplomatic corps. Seeing the devastating potential of Dhinchak Pooja songs, Pakistan has promised some concessions if India bans Dhinchak from making any more songs.

dhinchak pooja

The acclaimed singer, who has already surpassed angelic-eyed Taher Shah of Pakistan in her repertoire, has recently released a new song. The link to the song is not given here in consideration of the safety of our readers. Many listeners have complained of nausea, headache and convulsions after hearing the song for a few minutes.

Some daring souls have even heard the full song and have turned up brain dead. Doctors have discovered signs of hemorrhaging in such victims. Thus the song has potential to be used in any future conflict with Pakistan.

The Original Hindu has unreliably learnt that govt has given orders for noise cancelling headphones for the jawans deployed on the border and have also given orders for super duper sound amplifiers. According to dubious sources, these will be placed at strategic places on the border and LOC to deter Pakistani mischief.

On the other hand, Pakistan seems to have realized that it does not have any credible response against this new wonder-weapon. External Affairs Ministry sources, the same ones who feed information to Vijaita Singh of The {Unoriginal} Hindu, have revealed that Pakistan has promised to stop funding and training terrorists if India reciprocates by banning Dhinchak Pooja from singing.

The Cabinet Committee on Security is apparently deliberating tactical use of this weapon in Eastern Ladakh too. The news was developing as of writing this piece.

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