Dehradun plans to start  flying car public transport by 2030

Dehradun plans to start flying car public transport by 2030

After the flying car was successfully tested by Skydrive in Japan last week, Dehradun has become the first city in the world to declare its commitment to use flying car public transport. The smart city plans to start a flying car service in Dehradun by 2030.

Flying car public transport
Flying car public transport. Pic credit : skydrive

It must be remembered that Dehradun has been aiming very high in terms of public transport in last few years. In 2017, it had planned to get a metro for the emerging metropolis. As there were no metros in India in 2017, a ministerial delegation went to London and Germany to see how metros operate. The plan was then extended to whole Haridwar-Dehradun-Rishikesh area and work was expected to be completed in 2024.

In December, 2019, the govt announced that Metro project for Dehradun is now shelved and a ropeway will be made to serve as public transport. This would be the first such system of public transport with a ropeway in the world. Apparently officers of the govt were confident that a tried and tested metro will not work in Dehradun but a completely new system would.

According to our source, who sells Paan near the secretariat, another factor in not opting for metro was that for metro, center was to give 50% of subsidy. Being a rich and proud state, Uttarakhand does not require any such subsidy from the center and will construct ropeway by its own money instead.

Now, it seems the futuristic option of flying cars has caught the fancy of mandarins in the government. As the ropeway system needs significant infrastructural work, flying cars would be a much saner choice.

It must be noted that Dehradun is probably the only city of more than 1 million in the country which does not have a govt transport system as of yet. There are no govt buses for intra-city transport. Normally, buying buses and running them would be the easiest thing to do for public transport, but where is the glory in that?

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