Jamaat e Puncturewala, Hind  refuses to fix tyres of  “French” origin

Jamaat e Puncturewala, Hind refuses to fix tyres of “French” origin

In a strange case in the town of Bareilley, a puncturewala has refused to fix tyres belonging to the French brand Michelin. Abdul, the owner of the shop has now hung a board declaring this after he had to refuse many of his customers away.

Abdul puncturewala
Representative image of Abdul puncturewala

According to unreliable sources, Abdul has refused to fix punctures in solidarity with Muslims of the world. In fact, it has been heard that the association of Puncturewalas, Jamaat e Puncturewale Hind , has decided that any French brand tyres would not be fixed in India. This includes the tyres of combat fighters Rafale and Mirage!

Abdul told that France is a bad place for Muslims, where Muslims are not able to practice their religion peacefully. On being told that a Muslim attacker recently beheaded a teacher for showing cartoons, he said “Gustakh-e-Rasool ki ek saza, sar tan se juda!” is written in Quran and is a part of Muslim religion.

Abdul believes that “If they have freedom of speech, we also have freedom of action” is a valid logic in a civilized world. He pointed to a recent statement by Imran Khan of Pakistan that “Pakistan has the most freedom of speech in the world”. “So why do you not hear such cases in Pakistan? Because, there are no non-Muslims there. Non Muslims are the problem, not Muslims” he finished as he went back to smell check the “solution” that is used to paste pieces of old tubes in a punctured tube.

In related developments, we have been told that many religious Muslims have decided to boycott French fries, French toast and French kiss for what they believe are the steps that will help in economic ruin of France.

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