Shiv Sena to warn Kailash Parbat to change name as “Kailash is in China”

Shiv Sena to warn Kailash Parbat to change name as “Kailash is in China”

After recently warning a Sindhi owner of Karachi Sweets owner to change the name of the shop to “something Marathi”, Shiv Sena workers have allegedly found their next target.

kailash parbat
Shiv Sainik{in beard} warning shop owner

According to our unreliable sources Shiv Sena workers have now decided on similar other targets. They have apparently identified Kailash Parbat restaurants as their next target. When our sources asked some of those Shiv Sainiks why do they want to target Kailash, they said that “it was because Kailash was not in India, but in China. As patriots they could not let any establishment named after a place in enemy country stand in Mumbai.”

There are rumors that there was a meeting of Shiv Sainiks where this proposal was put forward. However, one of them reminded others that Shiv Sena also had an MLA called Kailash Patil. At this, the enthusiasm of the meeting somewhat dampened.

There are suspicious reports that Shiv Sainiks have identified many restaurants and other establishments by the name of Lahore, Peshawar and Baluchi etc. in Mumbai. They are also finding names of sweetshops that sell Karachi Halwa. All these places would allegedly be given an ultimatum to change the names of their places and dishes soon.

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