Kangana reveals that Salman is not a virgin, Sallu fans dejected by the claim

Kangana reveals that Salman is not a virgin, Sallu fans dejected by the claim

Noted actress and twitter celebrity Kangana has revealed that Salman has lied to his fans. In an exclusive video chat interview to The Original Hindu, she claimed that Salman had lied on his interview with an LGBT actor-director on TV.

Representational image of Salman and Kangana

In the controversial segment, Salman had said that he is a virgin at the age of 50. This confession was treated with delight by the incel fans of Salman, many of whom decided to stay virgin for the greater good. Now the latest reveal by Kangana has great ramifications for all those incel fans.

Kangana said that Salman has had so many girlfriends and “obviously these were not for just posting photos on instagram”. The actress claimed intimate knowledge of the relationships of Salman and said that one of the factors in him getting laid with so many girlfriends was nepotism.

It is to be noted that both Salman’s parents were quite active in Bollywood and Salman himself has tried many a times to launch his brothers in the industry. However, the result of his efforts mirror that of the efforts Sonia Gandhi made for Rahul Gandhi. So the charge of nepotism seems right.

It remains to be seen how Salman’s incel fans now react to the revelation. We talked to his fan Prabhat from Raipur, who seemed dejected at the news. He had decided to remain a virgin till Salman himself remains virgin. Prabhat is in his mid 30s and according to him, at this age “Bhai” can certainly get a piece of action, but it is very difficult for Prabhat “to get some”.

We asked Kangana that whether Rakhi Sawant was also lying when she claimed that she was a virgin. Kangana rolled her eyes and with a mysterious smile said “You know the answer, don’t you?” Of course, we know!

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