Navjot Singh Siddhu named a Brand Ambassador of KLPD

Navjot Singh Siddhu named a Brand Ambassador of KLPD

An NGO working for counselling people who have made wrong choices has announced that it will make Navjot Singh Siddhu as its brand ambassador! The NGO named “Kha Liya Phirse Dhokha” or KLPD works for people who have made wrong choices in life and are unable to regret it.

Siddhu KLPD
Siddhu after KLPD

Siddhu was a Rajya Sabha MP from BJP and a highly visible member of the party when he resigned as “he was not getting space in the party”. His wife was an MLA too. He joined Congress in hopes of becoming a Deputy CM, but had to be content with a cabinet minister post. This was despite him showing full affection for Pakistan, its PM Imran Khan and army chief, as in line with Congress party line. He ultimately resigned from cabinet as he was really not getting any space in the govt any time soon.

We talked to the chief of the NGO about the development. He told us that his NGO basically works for people, who in local parlance are called “Na ghar ka, na ghaat ka”. Before Sidhu, Shazia Ilmi and Shatrughn Sinha have also been brand ambassadors of the NGO.

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