“Naxali Bhabhi” to feature in the reality show Big Boss 14

“Naxali Bhabhi” to feature in the reality show Big Boss 14

According to sources, the producers of reality TV show Big Boss are going to make a startling revelation. They are going to introduce another contestant named Dr. Rajkumari Bansal in the show. It must be noted that Dr. Bansal was recently in news for staying for days with the Hathras girl’s home and introducing herself to media as “Bhabhi” of the victim.

naxali bhabhi big boss

Media had dubbed her “Naxali Bhabhi” after it was revealed that she had connections with Naxals. It must be remembered that according to famous porn-writer Arundhati Roy Naxals are “Gandhians with Guns”.

It is not clear that with which of the brother of the girl “Naxali Bhabhi” lived with, during those six days. Dr. Bansal apparently is more interested in acting than medicine. She was earlier seen in a similar case in the role of another relative in a case in Agra.

We talked to one of the makeup men of Salman Khan about the truth. According to him, the producers are very optimistic for two reasons. One, they are impressed that Indian media could be fooled for days by superb acting of Dr. Bansal. Secondly, they are also impressed by her talent for intrigue and instigation. It must be noted that this talent is one of the key requirements for Big Boss contestants.

It is unreliably learnt that Naxali Bhabhi has consented for the show and is keen to build on her acting career on the basis of her Big Boss stint.

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