Pratik Sinha to sue Dr. Batra’s as hair treatment fails to produce results

Pratik Sinha to sue Dr. Batra’s as hair treatment fails to produce results

In a lesson for all follically challenged people, Pratik Sinha, founder of comedy portal AltNews has been conned by the “neem Hakim” of hair treatment, Dr. Batra and now wants to sue Dr. Batra’s. Sinha, who has been bald since his early teens, wanted to grow his self-esteem back and look more like his co-founder Muhammad Zubair, who has a head full of hair.

Pratik Sinha to sue Dr. Batra
Sinha vs Batra

While traversing the country on Indian Railway, one can see promises of hair growth on the walls near the railway line. Of course, those walls also carry advertisements of “khandani” doctors claiming to cure various other “secret” diseases. Our source, who supplies weed to the staff of AltNews, revealed that Pratik Sinha first decided to consider such Hakeems.

However, his better sense forced him to consult the internet. After some research on Quora, he concluded the fact check complete and decided that Dr. Batra was the best option.

Mr. Sinha started taking the medicines of Dr. Batra, but as they say in Urdu “the bahaar never reached his ujda chaman“. Apparently, his hair continued to fall faster than India’s GDP, and his worries rose proportionately.

As of now, the treatment is in its fifth year and, Mr. Sinha has reportedly spent lakhs of rupees with no results. The glabrous Mr. Sinha also found out that quora reviews of Dr. Batra are by fake profiles. Allegedly, hurt by the deception, Mr. Sinha has decided to sue Dr. Batra and also to seek a ban on practice of homeopathy in the country. Let us see if the veteran comedian succeeds in getting ‘justice’ from the courts.

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