The shocking story of why RaGa was named President by Delhi Congress!

The shocking story of why RaGa was named President by Delhi Congress!

Delhi Congress has shocked everyone today by passing a resolution to make Rahul Gandhi the President of Congress Party. This was something that no one had expected because Rahul Gandhi is currently in Germany.

However, unreliable sources have indicated that this extraordinary step was taken due to a shocking new survey. A survey agency coincidentally named NDTV i.e “Nagpur Dish Tele Vision” has revealed that Rahul Gandhi has lost major support within his own congress party.

According to the lone chaiwala who serves Congress office, Rahul Gandhi fared rather badly in the internal survey which had other names as Shashi Tharoor, Amarinder Singh, Digvijay Singh and Priyanka Vadra Gandhi. It was specially horrifying that the ordinary congressmen had more faith in Robert Vadra Gandhi and his son Rehan Rajiv Gandhi than Rahul!

To avert the embarrassment in elections for Party president scheduled in June, a new strategy was hurriedly made by RaGa loyalists. It was decided that RaGa would be declared President by Delhi Congress. This would force the hand of other Congress committees and they would have to declare support for Rahul within next few days. Indeed, we may see such announcements in future. Finally, by June,most of the states would have already declared support for him and an election, and its embarrassing result, would be avoided! It remains to be seen how much successful this strategy would prove.

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