RJD promises to “make everyone a graduate” in their manifesto

RJD promises to “make everyone a graduate” in their manifesto

In a step that might provide a major boost to higher education in the country, Rashtriya Janata Dal has included the promise to “make everyone a graduate” or “sab banenge graduate!” in their manifesto for Bihar elections.

make everyone a graduate
Shiksha Kranti : Ab ham bhi graduate!

According to educationists, this will build up on the “Right To Education”, which forbids detaining any student for the year upto 8th class. That means all students are compulsorily passed in exams, even if they do not know counting upto 10. Now this new “make everyone a graduate” programme will ensure that everyone completes at least the graduation, irrespective of knowledge.

This revolutionary idea of “Right to Graduation”, as it is being dubbed in activist circles, was said to be inspired by the two members of first family of RJD- Tejasvi and Tejpratap Yadav-not being able to complete matriculation. Insider sources tell us that the first graduate degrees after the election would be awarded under “Tatkal” category to both the Yadav brothers. This is likely to shut up their detractors for ever.

We asked Sonu Yadav, a supporter if such degrees will have any value. He said, “Even Dr. Nishank has a PhD degree in Tatkaal category! If people do not recognize their degrees, it is because of the rampant casteism.” We asked if such degrees will have any value. “Even the degrees we have rigt now are worthless” was his frank, and surprisingly deep, answer. “We just refer to them when we ask govt jobs.”

Economists are already worried about a huge uptick in unemployment among educated population of the state a few years hence. While their opposing parties like BJP and JDU have derided the plan to “make everyone a graduate”, RJD have called them anti education.

Social scientists have praised the idea and said that girls of Bihar, who were not getting married due to not passing matriculation, will now easily get married. Rural girls might get a B. Tech husband, now that they are in competition with BA girls of cities. This policy is stated to be great equalizer.

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