Saifeena may name the new child after great conqueror Nadir Shah ; fans ecstatic

Saifeena may name the new child after great conqueror Nadir Shah ; fans ecstatic

Saifeena announced that they were expecting a second baby in coming months. Saif, who already has 3 children will become dad for the fourth time. He has Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan from Amrita Singh and Taimur Ali Khan from Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena Ali Khan

The superstar named his firstborn after Taimur, better known as Tamerlane/Taimur the Lame to English readers. The 14th century middle eastern King had attacked India in 1398 and sacked Delhi. Despite the media furore, Saif Ali Khan had bravely asserted his right to name his child and did not buzz from his position.

Fast forward a few years and Taimur is now the apple of the eye of the same media. His cute antics regularly make news and paparazzi run after him for photos at every occasion.

Now our sources, chief of them one of the drinking buddies of the gardener of Saif family, tell us that Saif Ali Khan is thinking about naming his second offspring from Kareena in the name of great 18th century Persian Conqueror, Nadir Shah. Shah had sacked Delhi in 1739 and killed 30000 people of Delhi.

If it is a boy, Saif is planning to name him Nadir and if it is a girl, Nadira. The family is learnt to be also considering Babar as a second option. The founder of Mughal dynasty is famous for winning the second battle of Panipat and aso construction of now demolished Babri Mosque.

The family is expecting some resistance from Hindutva extremists, but is confident of the support of their fans. We reached out to some of their fans to know their reactions. Nyra, who lives in Mumbai described name Nadir as “quite cool”, while Aahana and Aarav from Noida said that the name sounds “quite ethnic and traditional”.

The Original Hindu supports Saifeena in any decision they take and wished them the best of luck.

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