Saint Rampal ji to be proposed for Nobel award for Peace

Saint Rampal ji to be proposed for Nobel award for Peace

World famous spiritual Saint Rampal ji will be proposed for Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2020. The Original Hindu has learnt from its sources in the government PM Modi himself is behind this move. The sources told that the government might make an announcement in this regard on 08.09.2020, which is also the birthday of Saint Rampal ji.

Saint Rampal ji
Spiritual Leader Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

It must be remembered that Saint Rampal ji lives in Satlok Ashram and has for past few decades brought about a spiritual revolution in the country. He regularly preaches about spirituality on TV and focuses on social reform and leaving bad habits like eating meat and drinking wine.

Considered by devotees to be an Avatar of Kabir Saheb, Rampal ji has wide knowledge of the scriptures of all religions. He regularly quotes from Gita, Vedas, Quran and Bible etc. to prove that Supreme God Kabir is manifested in different forms. Thus he is an icon of inter-religion peace and dialogue.

It must be noted that the coming of Saint Rampal was prophesied in different books by great men like Nostradamus and Chiero. Saint Rampal ji has been engaged in various works for people’s well being through his Ashrams.

It will indeed be a great day for India when Rampal ji receives Nobel Prize. It must be noted that he will be the first person to receive Nobel Peace Prize from India.

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