Sanjay Raut named as best spokesperson by UNESCO

Sanjay Raut named as best spokesperson by UNESCO

In a major boost to the Maha Vikash Agadhi government, Shiv Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut has been named as the best spokesperson in the world by Ulhasnagar-Nalasopara Eminent Scoundrels Cooperative Organisation, or UNESCO.

Sanjay Raut named as best spokesperson by UNESCO
Sanjay Raut doing Bhangra after the announcement of the award{Pic :}

The body was formed in April this year after the lockdown forced the petty criminals of Mumbai into unemployment. It is learnt that to earn some respectability and maybe make some money, they started a body with a respectable name and started cooperating with various political parties in relief distribution in Mumbai.

They hit upon the idea of giving awards after certain people from “the industry” started calling a certain Chief Minister of a large state as “best CM in the world”. According to our sources, this was also supposed to be a money making scheme.

UNESCO approached the colourful spokesperson of Shiv Sena and eminent editor-journalist Sanjay Raut to present him the inaugural “Best Spokesperson Award”. Apparently, during the vetting process there were many contenders including Sambit Patra of BJP, Akhilesh Singh of Congress and Gargya Chatterjee of TMC{yes, that is the name of a party too!}. However, Sanjay Raut left them all behind by his recent robust defence of Shiv Sena, Maharashtra, Mumbai and Mumba Devi.

The award ceremony is expected to be a public function sometime after the restrictions on gathering of people are removed where Sanjay Raut is to be felicitated by the patron of UNESCO, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt.

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