Sikhs for Justice demands for Referendum 2030 in Canada for creating Khalistan

Sikhs for Justice demands for Referendum 2030 in Canada for creating Khalistan

With their planned “Referendum 2020” in jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic, the activists of Sikhs for Justice have now raised a new demand. The US based secessionist group has now demanded a referendum 2030 in Canada on Khalistan.

The ISI supported body, which lays its claims on historical lands inhabited by Sikhs, has been asking for a referendum in Indian state of Punjab for last few years. The group, whose chief mode of advocacy is tacky YouTube videos mostly featuring one of its dozen or so members, however does not lay claim on Pakistan’s Punjab. It must be noted that Lahore was the capital of Sikh empire before it was annexed by British.

Referendum 2030 in Canada
Almost all the members of Sikh for Justice can be seen in this picture.

We at The Original Hindu tried to contact the SFJ leaders on this change in stance. Our unnamed sources said that the Khalistan proposal was not getting enough support from Indian Sikhs. The most popular leader expected to support SFJ was found to be Govind Kejriwal, who is not very popular in Punjab anyways. So the group planned to make a Sikh homeland in Canada.

Canada has a large population of Sikhs. Indeed, many people believe that there are more Sikhs in Canada than in Punjab. Both the parties of Canada have decent representation of Sikhs and it is quite possible that in a not so distant future, Canada also has a Sikh PM. Canadian Sikhs are reportedly also easier to get excited about the dream of Khalistan.

All these factors may have led the SFJ to pitch for a referendum 2030 in Canada. The leaders are conferring with their Pakistani masters, but it is unlikely that India’s western neighbor will brook any dissent in this matter. There are reports that the recent attack on Gurudwara Nankana Sahib ji by Pakistan was also a message to SFJ on not to think independently.

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