“Strayed” PLA soldier, got food poisoning after eating “Chinese” in India

“Strayed” PLA soldier, got food poisoning after eating “Chinese” in India

A PLA soldier, who had “strayed” in India{while on a spying mission} was “rescued” by Indian armed forces yesterday. After he was captured in Chumar, he was given treatment and warm clothes. Corporal Wang Ya Long is from the Zhejiang province of coastal China in far east.

PLA soldier
Representative image of PLA soldier captured by Indian Army

The soldiers of Bihar Regiment, who caught him were quite considerate for his wellbeing. To show hospitality, they prepared Chinese food for the soldier. He was fed Chowmein and Gobi Manchurian so that he does not miss home. The story further was told by a highly respected defence reporter, who has sources in high places and works with one of the most credible newspapers of India. However, readers be advised that the reporter has been accused of spreading “fake news” many a times and take the below description with a pinch of salt.

“The eyes of the PLA soldier went from small to smaller, his tongue came out of his mouth as he started crying ‘shui, shui!’ Initially our soldiers thought that he meant to compliment their cooking and he was trying to say ‘Sahi! Sahi!’ However, he cried loudly and a Chinese translator had to be called, who clarified that he was requesting water. Apparently, the Chinese are not used to so much chili and spices in their Chinese food.”

Unreliable reports indicate that in a few hours the Chinese soldier suffered dysentery with continuous vomiting and diarrhea. He had to be provided medical attention and was stabilized after he was provided drip and oxygen. Experts are apparently calling this condition as “Demchok Belly”. The Chinese soldier apparently thought that this was the method of torture Indians were administering and promptly divulged all the secrets he know to escape another meal. He has since been kept on a diet of Tiger Biscuits and milk.

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