Defense Analyst reveals that China has placed submarines in Pangong Tso

Defense Analyst reveals that China has placed submarines in Pangong Tso

A noted defence analyst has made a startling claim about Chinese military buildup at the border. Dyrjay Shukl made these revelations in a blog post. He claimed that China has now deployed submarines in Pangong Tso to outmanoeuvre India’s recent occupation of the heights on the south bank of Pangong.

submarines in Pangong Tso
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According to him, “China is now patrolling all of Pangong and has come upto 50 KM within India. It is to be noted that the narrow lake runs a length of more than 130 km with 50 odd KM in India and 80 KM in China. Thus, India has lost all the fingers and now our patrolling boats are confined to jettis due to threat by the submarine.”

The lake and its surroundings have been a battleground for both nations during 1962 war, when Indian soldiers made 2 valiant last stands on the north and south bank of the lake and made supreme sacrifices.

Submarines in Pangong Tso might be a big problem for India as it effectively provides China a 50 KM highway into India. The vessels might reach within 70 KM of Leh, the capital of Ladakh Union Territory. However, it is not immediately clear, what the small crew of submarine could achieve after that. The Original Hindu tried to reach to the defence analyst, but Durjay Shukl was unavailable for comment.

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