Unemployed students form BSDK United, demand basic income for themselves

Unemployed students form BSDK United, demand basic income for themselves

Unemployed students of India have formed a union to bargain better for their rights. The Berojgar Students, Dildar Khiladi United or “BSDK United” was formed today at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Chief coordinators of the outfit, Jatayu Meena said that the chief goal of the organisation is to fight for rights of ‘berojgar’ students.

BSDK United
Representational image of well dressed Berojgars protesting against govt.

In his speech, he asked for government jobs to all the members of the outfit. He asserted that by graduating from colleges, these students had given enough proof of their ability. They have been tweeting daily at least 100 times and twitter and asking the government to give them jobs. This also shows their IT skills and government would be lucky to have them.

The meeting was also attended by teachers of various coaching institutes who demanded that govt restart recruitments. One teacher, Brown Awasthy gave a rousing speech and warned the govt that like Kashmiri youth, other youth of the country can also show their skills in “shot put and shooting”. H

It was decided that all the members of BSDK United have to compulsorily append ‘Berojgar’ to their names, so that they can be easily identified. The meeting ended on a high note with a speech by Kanha Parmar, a famous student leader of AISO, who was in news last year for being challaned by the police for public indecency.

He said that by fighting on the streets, all berojgars can achieve their right of “Basic Unemployment allowance”. He urged the leaders of BSDK United to include this demand in their programme and promised to honor this demand when his party comes to power.

The Original Hindu reporter reached out to leaders of BSDK United as well as Kanha  Parmar. The reporter then asked them if any of them had any skill. He was told that they had superb skills but they did not want the same in business or private jobs. When being asked that how can there be so many govt jobs, they replied with shouts of “godi media” and “IT cell”.

It would be interesting to see how BSDK United plan their next moves and how the same impacts national politics in the country.

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