UNESCO awardee Sanjay Raut claims that next “Haramkhor” will be from Shiv Sena

UNESCO awardee Sanjay Raut claims that next “Haramkhor” will be from Shiv Sena

Sanjay Raut, the Chief Spokesperson of Shiv Sena has given a significant statement today. The spokesperson had recently been awarded the “Best Spokesperson in the world Award” by UNESCO. The Original Hindu had covered this news exclusively, and you can read the same below:-

UNESCO awardee Sanjay Raut, who also edits Saamna, the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena had recently called Kangna Ranaut a “haramkhor”. On being asked to clarify his statement, he had said that “haramkhor” means a “naughty” girl{not in the way you think!} Clearly, the UNESCO award was well deserved. Any other spokesperson would have had to apologise, but Sanjay Raut turned the whole discussion towards academic etymology!

Now, Mr. Raut has given another big statement today. On being asked if he stood on his statement about Kangana, he said in a combative mood that “haramkhor” is not a bad word and indeed, next person whom he will call “haramkhor” will be from Shiv Sena.

UNESCO awardee Sanjay Raut
UNESCO awardee Sanjay Raut is very skillful at his job.

The Original Hindu team tried to elicit a response from Mr. Raut if he meant to declare a specific person from the party as naughty, but he declined to respond. However, The Original Hindu came across a news report about Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackerey in which he was termed as a “naughty” boy during his school days.

Perhaps, UNESCO awardee Sanjay Raut is talking about Uddhav or perhaps about young Aditya Thackerey, who might have tormented Sanjay by his naughty antics when he was a child. We shall have to wait for the next editions of Saamna to find out.

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