Wife seeks divorce after finding out that govt officer husband is honest

Wife seeks divorce after finding out that govt officer husband is honest

In a tragic case from Itarasi in Madhya Pradesh, a local women has sought divorce from her govt officer husband for being honest. The husband, one Mr. Bhola Shankar is an officer with treasury department of Madhya Pradesh government.

govt officer husband refuses bribe

The wife, who is a BA, had advertised for a groom in newspapers seeking government officers{Group A only} and IIT/IIM passouts. She had hoped that the proposals would include corrupt govt officers, who could bring in a hefty “under table” income. She did ask Mr. Bhola Shankar about this before marriage, but took his refusal as a proof of the officer’s “cunning”.

After the marriage, she did find it odd that the house they lived was not very well furnished. Her father, a police constable had a better house! But she initially mistook it to be a result of her husband’s miserly conduct. She came to know of the truth only when she asked the driver of her husband’s official car. Incidentally, it was months before she could talk to him as the husband did not even use the official car for domestic purposes!

The wife now says that she feels cheated and wants a divorce as soon as possible. The Original Hindu team talked to her. According to her, “When someone searches for a Group A govt officer groom, it is only for the income that such a person has. My govt officer husband deceived me into believing that he had a huge income. In Madhya Pradesh, even peons earn crores. Naturally, I feel cheated by his conduct. I have filed for divorce citing domestic violence and cruelty.”

We tried to talk to the said husband, but he was unavailable for comment.

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